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Getting into an accident, having a dashboard light come on, or needing a repair are never an exciting moments. That’s why warranty is there to protect you from paying a unexpected repairs!

With every new Chevrolet, GMC, or Buick you purchase or lease, you’ll automatically get an Extended Limited Warranty. You’ll also have the option to buy additional warranties like Platinum Protection, GAP Insurance, Tire & Wheel Protection, Pre-Paid Maintenance, Appearance Guard, or XS Wear Lease Protection. You can look at all the definitions here or keep reading to see what they are!

Extended Warranty: New vehicle automatically comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty. Benefits: Available at the time of new vehicle purchase No deductible GM Supported Transferrable to vehicle purchasers Coverage: Bumper to Bumper Powertrain

Platinum Protection: Additional protection to the manufacturer's warranty for parts like the engine, transmission, and more. Benefits: Customizable terms starting at 24 months to 60 months Transferable Cancel any time Rental car coverage Towing & Road Service Trip Interruption Lost Key & Lockout Coverage: 1,000 plus parts Engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, electrical, airbags, AC system, airbags, and more.

GAP Coverage. If the vehicle is a total loss, this will cover what you're insurance will not, including the deductible. Benefits: Available for New or Leased vehicles at the time of purchase Offered to fit the terms of any existing loan or lease Cancel any time Coverage: Up to $125,000 of finance amounts Up to $75,000 of financial loss waived

Tire and Wheel Protection: If covered road hazards damage your tires and wheels, this will repair or replace them. Tire & Wheel Protection Plus is also available for additional benefits. Benefits: Available for New, Used, or Leased vehicles Choose a term from 1 year to 5 years No mileage restrictions No deductible Transferrable Cancel anytime Emergency road service Mechanical First Aid Tire Service Battery Service Locksmith Service Delivery Service Towing Service Coverage: Potholes Debris (nails, glass, rocks, tree limbs, curbs) Any road condition not normal

Pre-paid maintenance: Prepare for the payments of oil changes and tire rotations before hand. Pre-Paid Maintenance Plus is available for additional benefits. Benefits: Available for New, Used, and Leased vehicles Terms from 2 years to 15 years No deductible Transferrable Cancel any time

Appearance Guard: Helps to keep your vehicle looking like new inside and out. Benefits: Available for New, Use, and Leased vehicles Transferrable Cancel anytime Refundable No deductible Terms from 12 to 72 months Coverage: Paintless Dent Repair Minor dents & dings Windshield Repair Minor chips & cracks Interior Fabric Repair Burns, rips, or tears Key/Key Fob Replacement Lost, stolen, or damaged

XS Wear Lease Protection: Damages consider excess wear will be covered at the end of your lease term. Benefits: Available for new, leased at signing No deductible Cancel any time Terms from 1 year to 5 years Coverage: Dents, chipped paint, and scratches Interior stains Tires & Wheels Chipped glass Missing parts Keys Owners Manual Less than $150 an item Excess mileage charges Up to $400

What would be best for you?!


Warranty questionnaire. 1) Do you typically keep your vehicle longer than the 3-year/36,000-mile manufacturer warranty?Yes | Somewhat | No. 2) Would you like to have your tire and rims covered against road damage, at a cheaper cost than it would be to replace a single wheel? Yes | Somewhat | No. 3) Is the appearance of your vehicle important to you? Yes | Somewhat | No. 4) Would you like to keep your vehicle looking brand new as long as possible? Yes | Somewhat | No. Points: Yes=3 | Somewhat=2 | No=1. 4-6 Points: If money, longevity or quality aren't an issue, then you won't need to worry about further vehicle investment. 7-10 Points: You see some value for investing in your vehicle. Perhaps not every detail matters, but you would want to maintain the quality and reduce expenses. 11-12 Points: Not only do you see value in maintaining the quality, but you also see the value in keeping your costs at a minimum or none at all. Platinum Service Protection and Tire & Wheel Protection will be best for any score. Appearance Protect will be good for scores 7-12 Appearance Guard will be best for scores 11-12

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