Appointment & Test Drive

September 28th, 2021 by

What should you do when you’re still unsure of what you want or have found the one?


Viewing pictures and reading descriptions won’t give you the full experience. So, it’s time to see the vehicle(s) in person!

Step One: Get in touch

Get in touch with us simply by calling, emailing, submitting a online form, live chatting, or stopping in!


Step Two: Set Appointment

If you stop in, a sales representative will help you right away. If you call, ask for a sales representative and the two of you will discuss the best time and date for the both of you. If you use an online method, a sales representative will get a hold of you through the contact information given and set up a time and date that works best.


Step Three: Meeting

When you come in, either your sales representative will greet you or you will tell our receptionist who you are meeting and she will page them to our showroom. If you’re coming in to find out what vehicle will be right for you, the two of you will discuss your most intended use for the vehicle, price range, features you’re interested in, size, etc.. Next, your sales representative will show you vehicles that are the best fit for you. If you already know what vehicle you’re interested in, they’ll get you in it for a test drive. Make sure to bring your Drivers License!


Step Four: Test Drive

After your sales representative walks you through some of the vehicle features, you’ll enjoy 10-15 minutes of driving the vehicle! When you come back to the dealership, you’ll determine if you want to go with it, go with something else, or take some time to think about it. If you want to go with it, you’ll discuss payment options, any trade-in vehicle, and when you should be able to take your new vehicle home! If you want to go with something else, you’ll discuss and look at other vehicles that may be the right fit for you. If you want time to think about it, don’t worry about saying so! We have never and never will pressure anyone into buying a vehicle that they aren’t comfortable with. Just let us know when you’re ready and we’ll be happy to help!


Next week we will cover the next step of the buying process: Trade-Ins!


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