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Trust & Value
What are the two biggest problems today that someone is faced with today when looking to purchase a vehicle? To us it all comes down to Trust and Value. At Von Holzens not only are we transparent, but we are loyal to you, your needs and your confidence in choosing us.

Trust: We choose trust as our primary reason, because when you purchase a vehicle from us, it is with the knowledge that every need that you have for complete satisfaction will be met before, during and after your vehicle purchase. We take this approach for complete satisfaction because we don't want you to purchase one vehicle from us; we want you to purchase EVERY vehicle from us.

Value: We choose value as our second reason, because with your confidence in us that we are providing you the best experience possible; whether it be service, parts, body shop or a vehicle purchase: you know that you're getting the best value for your dollar.

With these qualities clearly addressed as our primary focus for our customers, it is no surprise that we have 27 plus years experience. We have refined all of our services that we offer to bring about this simple, yet powerful focus for our customers because what it all comes down to is that you are not a customer to us: you are a guest and you are family.

We have over 120 plus years of combined sales experience with our staff.

27 years family owned, with employees that have been with us almost since day one.

Better then Competition
Experience, Stellar Reputation, Product Knowledge, always putting our guests first.

Inventory Selection
Always have a huge selection of Trucks, SUVs, CUVs and Sedans.

Upfront, Transparent and Very Competitive Pricing.

Community Involvement
Sponsor several charity golf events per year, Sponsor Local Youth Baseball and Youth Hockey and VERY Active in our Local Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce.